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If there's one thing the royal family is not associated with, it's being rebellious. As a whole, the family is very conservative and intentional in pretty much everything they do — from the way they dress, to their body language, and even with what they eat. Let's just say, there are some pretty specific rules they have to follow.

And yet, despite their royal standing, they don't always stick to protocol. I mean, they are humans after all. One of the biggest rule-breakers of the moment is Meghan Markle, which makes sense since she's new to the family. Yet, even the Queen herself has bent the rules from time to time — but let's be honest, she can pretty much do whatever she wants. 

We'll admit, a lot of these rule-breaking acts may seem ridiculous to us non-royals, but for them, they're definitely not nothing. They may not be a gang of misfits, but it's good to know they can still act out on their own. Keep reading to see all the times the royals have broken protocol.