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Yes, we're talking Gwen Stefani, she of the platinum locks and signature red lip. It's hard to imagine a time when singer, entertainer, fashion designer, and mother Gwen Stefani wasn't a trendsetter.

From her subversive '90s style back when her band No Doubt was still coming up on their glory days, to shutting down the red carpet with ultra glam contemporary fashion, Gwen has stuck to her guns through it all with a perfect crimson pout. We don't know how she does it, but we do know we love it.

That's why we've gathered up all of Gwen's most fashionable trendsetting moments. While her hair and makeup has stayed fairly consistent, she has taken tons of fashion risks over the years, both on the red carpet and in her street style (her street style might actually be our favorite). So keep reading to see how our favorite Voice coach has evolved her style over the years.