The Atlantic City Uniform: Hot Pants and High Heels


You know how, when you're on vacation, you kind of find yourself wanting to dress like the locals, no matter how wildly different their (regionally specific) look may be from your own personal style?

It's why people buy gauzy embroidered tunics to wear around their Tulum resorts, only to relegate them to the back of their closets once they're back in New York City. Or why that giant turquoise cuff you just had to have in Santa Fe seems a bit out of place now, resting against your 9-to-5 button down.

In Atlantic City, all the girls (Or at least half. At least.) wear hot pants and high heels to the clubs, and while I didn't follow suit — I maintain that tasseled loafers and freaky jewelry can we worn in all situations — the look makes total sense in AC.

People take cabs everywhere (those casinos only look like they're close together), so why not wear heels if you don't have to walk? And a clingy top and hot pants combo is basically a freakum dress you can fall down in.

Here are some AC girls I spotted at Revel, in the look. (I am such a creep.)

(Caitlin Petreycik/StyleBistro)

And here are a few more. (Seriously. The creepiest.)

(Caitlin Petreycik/StyleBistro)

So, if you want to fit in with the Atlantic City crowd, packing some booty shorts and stilettos is one way to do it. As a wise man (Pauly D.) once told me of Jersey girls, "They're tan, they got big hair, they get their nails done, and they're always dressed to the T."
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