Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: A Whole New World

Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: A Whole New World (Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) The view from my hotel room. The sea is a-roaring.

Greetings from Atlantic City! After an exhausting day of travel, we have finally made it to the Big A. My first day in Atlantic City was truly a hectic one. From rushing, waiting, traveling, rushing, eating and more, it's safe to say Atlantic City takes the win for today.

The day started off with me rushing to Port Authority from my Downtown New York apartment. I obviously saved packing until 10 p.m. on Sunday night and didn't truly finish until 9:50 a.m. Monday morning. Needless to say, I thought I was going to be late, but naturally I arrived with plenty of time to spare.

The bus ride to AC was everything I thought it would be, and yet I was still horribly unprepared. In our naive minds, there would be enough room for everyone to have their own seats. Obviously, this was not the case. My seat mate was an elderly woman who was not going to let a talkative bus driver stand in the way of her and her trip to AC. After giving the driver a hard time for leaving late (we were supposed to leave at 11:30 a.m., but we actually left at 11:38 a.m. — can you imagine?), she proceeded to nom on a burrito. Please keep in mind that these are quite small buses and smells do travel — especially to the seat next to you.

After enjoying her breakfast or lunch (I'm not sure what it was), she proceeded to shhh the driver. He was interrupting her casino-brochure reading. Duh.

I attempted to use the wi-fi to get some work done, but with the spotty service and the two feet by two feet space I was allotted, let's just say it was less than desirable working conditions.

Now it may seem like my trip to AC was not off to a good start, but I can assure you that I was fascinated by all of this. My adrenaline was just too high to be deterred.

Upon arrival at the Showboat Atlantic City (it's Cajun themed!!), we received our $25 casino credits and checked in. I'm quite impressed by our hotel rooms, honestly. I have a massive room, a bed that is as wide as my NYC apartment, and an ocean view. What more could an Atlantic City newbie want?

Here's what I overlook:
Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: A Whole New World (Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) It's almost like Aladdin is right outside my window! Almost.

Yes, there is an Instagram filter on there, but hey, you would put one on too if you saw how gray it is outside! Anyway, this is a view of the ocean and the rides on the boardwalk and what appears to be the tower from Aladdin, alas it is not. The best I can figure is that it's part of the Trump Taj Mahal, which is next door. I had secretly hoped it was part of my favorite Disney movie. But hey, it's still a whole new world to me!

After quickly dropping off our bags, the group and I regrouped at the hotel's buffet. Clearly, we were excited. In fact this is what I felt like:
(Courtesy of tumblr)

Alas, the buffet was no Golden Corral or Ryan's (shout out Midwest chains!). I was quite unsatisfied and only had one plate and ONE dessert. Shocking.

The rest of the team headed over to Revel to tour the casino and spa. Because I am still battling a wicked head cold, I stayed behind and got some much-needed R&R.

Around 6 p.m., we regrouped again at Revel. There we signed up for player's cards (eep!). Can I just say how excited I am to have plastic cards with my name on them? So cool.

Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: A Whole New World
(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Cards with my name on them. Eep!

We then registered for — get this — Binglo. It's Bingo under a black light. The Social at Revel has this fun tradition on Mondays. And let me tell you, if I were here permanently, I'd go every Monday.

So, we were given free (I love free) game cards, a glow stick, and a neon 'lemon laser' colored crayon. We were seated in a large space facing the stage, where our emcee for the night, a man dressed in a full-on Miami Vice suit, was in full view.

Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: A Whole New World
(Photo courtesy of

After watching a number of middle-aged players win beach bags and slot credits, play finish that song, and do the Harlem shake (yes, this happened), we were on to the big game: Blackout Bingo.

We were determined to win. There were four of us, we had good odds, right? And win we did! Our very own Associate Editor, Lindsay Schallon, tied for the grand prize. She walked away with $1,250 cold hard cash! Let's just say there were cheers from our table!

After sitting at the winner's table, we decided to head back to Showboat and try our luck at the slots, after all we did have $25 credits! Alas, our luck didn't last. At least mine didn't. I somehow lost all $25 in three minutes playing the Sex and the City slots. Warning: don't be fooled by the flashing lights and picture of Big. Sex and the City slots are dangerous.

We then wandered through the hotel and stumbled upon a tasty Asian restaurant. After a hectic day of traveling, eating, winning — and losing — our night came to a close.

I returned to this:
Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: A Whole New World (Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Biggest bed ever.

And slept like a baby. Until tomorrow, Atlantic City!

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