Atlantic City Journal - Days 2 and 3: You Can Find Me In Da Club, Wearing Tasseled Loafers

(Caitlin Petreycik/StyleBistro)

Yes, I'm going to squish two days of my Atlantic City diary together. We've been really busy!

Let's start with Day 2 (of 3 — here's Day 1), which began like this, at our hotel's Starbucks.

Close enough. It makes me sound like a character from Game of Thrones, so I'm into it.

After our morning caffeine break, Caitlin M. and I headed out to the Boardwalk, where we saw lots of candy-colored buildings.

And actual candy, from Fralinger's Salt Water Taffy — which has been around since the 1880's. Salt water taffy was invented in Atlantic City — it's the original AC souvenir — and Fralinger's brand became popular because, as their sign boasts, their candy is "cut to fit the mouth." (lol)

SO. MUCH. TAFFY. I bought one of each flavor. Research! (Seriously, more on my very scientific taffy deliciousness study later.)

On the opposite end of the boardwalk sweet shop spectrum is It'Sugar — what it lacks in quaintness it makes up for in BIGASS CANDY.

Like this:

And this:

Did you guys know the boardwalk is home to a feral cat colony? They strut around the sides of the beach like they own the place — which, they kind of do. Since they're used to people, the cats are very calm — this one let me take his picture.

See how one ear is just a tiny bit shorter than the other one? Volunteers from a group called the Alley Cat Allies trap the cats, take them to the vet — where one ear gets a little clip to show the cat has been given medical attention, and a clean bill of health — spay and neuter them, and then release them back into the wild boardwalk. They also feed the kitties, so don't give them any of your funnel cake. (Seriously. There are "no feeding the boardwalk cats" signs everywhere.)

Later that night, the whole StyleBistro team took a pre-dinner stroll through Caesar's, where we were treated to some gorgeous views of Atlantic City at sunset. It really is beautiful here.

Then we made our way to Angelo's Fairmount Tavern — a super old-school Italian restaurant with giant plates of pasta and cat paintings on the walls.

Cats playing chess!

I didn't get outside as much on Day 3 — the outdoorsy things I had planned kind of fell through because the weather was so foggy — but I did interview Pauly D.!

(Getty Images)

I learned some important facts about the former Jersey Shore star (and resident DJ at Atlantic City's Harrah's Pool After Dark space). Like, he gets a fresh haircut before every gig. ("The haircut's gotta be on point — literally.") And he races remote control cars while giving interviews. Multitasking!

After the interview, Caitlin M., Lindsay, Danica, and I had dinner at Hooter's — My first-ever Hooter's experience! — where Lindsay had the genius idea of asking a Hooters girl where to find hot guys.

So, taking our waitress's advice, we headed to Harrah's Pool After Dark, where the bartender, Joe, mixed us some of the club's signature cocktails — like "Sex in the Pool" and "Swedish Fish." All were about 100 times sweeter than what I normally drink, but that didn't stop me from downing one. Or two.

Then we circled the pool! There were inflatable toys and be-thonged dancers grinding with light-up hula hoops. As you can see from the photo below, Atlantic City girls are all about freakum dresses, hot pants (even though it was, like, 45 degrees outside) and high heels.

I wore tasseled loafers. Like a BOSS person who has never been to a club.

Lindsay is writing more about our night at Harrah's later on, so I won't go into too much detail. But here are some pick-up lines that were tested on us.

"You girls like steak???"

"I will rock, paper, scissor you for a kiss."

::Places hand over heart, makes beating motion:: "Look what you're doing to me."

Tip: If you want to repel dudes, wear freaky jewelry. I wear this necklace quite a bit.


And, if a guy approaches me while I'm out, he will usually say something like this when he spots it:

Guy: Is that...a hand?

Me: Yes.

Guy: What does it mean?

Me: It means I'm a witch.

Then he backs off. Easy! You're welcome.

We ended the night at The Irish Pub, which used to be a speakeasy — and has the trap door to prove it! The atmosphere was much more laid-back, so...perfect for discussing the dudes we met earlier in great detail.

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