Atlantic City's Best-Selling Merchandise on the Boardwalk Is...

(Photo by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro)

Mosey down Atlantic City's iconic Boardwalk—or, of course, hitch a ride in one of AC's famed rolling chairs, which Caitlin M. so preciously calls "adult strollers"—and the scene will start to look a little, shall we say, familiar.

"A lot of people come and ask me why everybody sells the same merchandise," Naman Rafi, owner of Fashion Paradise, a clothing store on the Boardwalk told us. "They don't realize that everybody comes asking for the same thing. That's what they want. That's what they expect."

And what the people want, are these. Black-and-neon graphic-print pullovers with slogans ranging from the tourist-y ("Atlantic City") to the cutesie ("Hello Kitty") to the bro-y ("Cool Story Bro, Tell It Again") to the, uh, misogynistic ("Cool Story Babe, Now Make Me a Sandwich").

(Photo by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro)

On any given day during the off-season, Rafi sells about 20 of these bad boys. In the dead of summer? When the Boardwalk's packed? He sells 200. Yes, 200 black hoodies when it's, like, 90-something degrees out!

He hasn't sold quite as many of the season-less staples over the past few months—thanks mostly in part to the slow business caused by Hurricane Sandy's damaging public perception—but Rafi, who's run the shop for more than 10 years, has high hopes for summertime.

"This year, we're predicting it's going to be a good season," he said. "Thank God we have the Miss America pageant coming back. I remember those days in the past, we were busy for at least two weeks because of it. Airshows, they're doing those earlier this year to tell people, 'The Boardwalk's here! Come for summer!' It's usually something we do at the end of the season, so more and more people will come and spread the word that the Boardwalk is fun and perfectly fine."

So, if you're unsure of what exactly to buy in commemoration of your visit to AC, the millions who've strolled the strip prior would like to remind you...

So why not get the hoodie?

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