Atlantic City Journal — Day 4: My Evening With Madonna and Shania Twain

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Coty Alexander and Stacey Whitton all set to go on stage as Madonna and Shania Twain, respectively.

Today, I got to meet some celebs. No, really. I met Madonna and Shania Twain today. At least they could have been. But more on that later.

I started today as I've started most days here in AC: quick breakfast, work, and more work. After deligently working all morning, our group decided to head over to White House Sub Shop to try the infamous subs for lunch. You know, the ones I said The Beatles have eaten?!

Here's a refresher:

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) The infamous White House Sub Shop.

But we didn't make it to the original location. Sorry! Out of convenience, we headed to the new location at the Trump Taj Mahal. We ordered two subs for our four-person team to eat. And it's a good thing we didn't order more because they were massive. It was kind of ridiculous.

(Photo by Danica Lo/StyleBistro) This is a half of one sandwich...

So, after devouring — or trying to — our subs, we were off to work for a few hours.

But that night was when it really got fun. I was lucky enough to go backstage and meet with two fantastic performers for 'Legends in Concert,' a world-renowned celebrity tribute show.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Alexander and Whitton pre-show.

I got to speak with Madonna and Shania Twain, or Coty Alexander and Stacey Whitton, as they're more commonly known. Both of these women are extremely talented singers, dancers, and performers. I sat down and learned all about their careers, what they like to do in AC, and their beauty secrets for transformationing into Shania and Madonna. But you'll have to wait for all of that!

But here's just a little tease of what I saw:
(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Whitton starts with her eyes for prep for transforming into Shania.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Whitton adds a wig  and some bling to get the look.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Alexander curls her Madge wig before the show.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Alexander applied heavy eye makeup, arched brows, and contouring makeup on the nose and cheekbones.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Alexander and Whitton about 10 minutes before the show — not worried one bit.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Alexander and Whitton make their transformations into Madonna and Shania.

I was with Stacey and Coty up until show time (7:54 p.m. to be exact). I then headed out to enjoy the show, which also featured Elton John, Stevie Wonder, and The Blue Brothers impersonators.

There were also amazing backup dancers. I was particularly fond of the male performers, who had a number of costume changes including: a sheer black button down, a rainbow-patterned button down (in satin!), a choir robe (for 'Like a Prayer' obviously), and my personal favorite, a cheetah-print button down. One question: Where can I buy these? I see future Christmas presents for all the men in my life.

But I have to say my favorite part of the night might have been watching the crowd at 'Legends.' The average age might have been 65, but the way these people were responding to the performers, you would have thought they were 18. They were yelling, singing, and cheering. It was kind of amazing.

And after the show the whole team got to meet Shania and Madonna.
(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) The whole team with Shania (Whitton).

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Now, the whole team with Madonna (Alexander).

But most importantly, we walked away with programs and Elvis scarves. Score.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) I'm really excited about this Elvis scarf.

So following 'Legends,' we decided to stop by Phillips Seafood at Caesars.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) That's one big crab.

I mainly wanted to come here because of the big crab on the sign. But I stayed because of the frozen drinks.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Our colorful drinks displayed proudly.

I'm 99 percent sure mine was just ice cream and no alcohol. My response: Even better.

Until tomorrow, AC!

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