Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: StyleBistro Team Immersion-Slash-Intensive-Bonding School-Trip Style

(Danica Lo / StyleBistro) Team feet: clockwise from bottom me (black creepers), Caitlin P. (ankle boots), Caitlin M. (suede cowboy boots), and Lindsay (Nike wedges).

One of the most important things to me, as an editor, is to always be looking for new ways to create experiences not only for the StyleBistro reader, but also for my team. My dream is to pack everyone up into a kitted-out tour bus and drive across country—explore other great American cities and towns, meet fashion fanatics all across the nation, and find inspiration in the real world. Sure, Paris Fashion Week is an incomparable fantasy-land and not many things can top the glamour of a good Hollywood red carpet, but to me, nothing compares to the amazing stories, personal style, and complete, down-to-earth awesomeness of real people living their real, everyday lives. It's the substance that makes for good storytelling, I think.

Anyway, that said, I've been here at StyleBistro for about 11 months now and though we've sent our editors here and there on their own—Lindsay reported live from Coachella last week, for example, and Caitlin P. headed out to LA for the Oz premiere last month—we hadn't yet been anywhere as a team. So, I thought we should. And that's why we're in Atlantic City this week.

Me in the foreground, Caitlin P. sitting behind me. The blogging never stops! Even on Greyhound.

Why Atlantic City and why now? Well, about six months ago, the entire Northeast and parts of the Mid-Atlantic region survived Hurricane Sandy—entire towns were decimated, beaches washed away. And one of the most exciting destination resort towns in our area, Atlantic City, never fully recovered, at least economically. See, even though all the casinos reopened within a week of Sandy, and the tourist attractions are still up and running, hotels are opening up new bars, clubs, and gamer experiences, the public perception that Sandy crushed AC has never really changed.

But you guys, it's still here!

That's why, for our first team foray/immersion/class-trip/bonding experience, Team StyleBistro is embedding itself in Atlantic City this entire week. We'll be exploring the town—some of us for the first time!—checking out the best of the best, trying new things, and we'll be bringing you round-ups, tips, weekend getaway ideas, restaurant need-to-knows, and suggested itineraries. Because Atlantic City is too awesome to be forgotten.

Here's what we did yesterday, after we arrived via Greyhound at around 3:30 p.m... We played Binglo! Yes, that's Bin-glo—black light bingo at Revel—where Lindsay won the grand prize (she split it with one other player) -

We ate at a buffet (we had to because (1) I love buffets and (2) It's a casino town, so it's the rule) - Here's Lindsay and Caitlin M. waiting for me and Caitlin P. outside the Showboat buffet:

And we walked around our casino-hotel, Showboat:

And checked out Revel next door—the newest and most luxurious resort-casino on the Boardwalk. Take a look at its amazing central escalators -

Here's Lindsay and Caitlin P. taking photos of our hotel Showboat from a corner suite at Revel -

Stay tuned all week for our Editor's Journals, fun round-ups, and reports on what to do, where to eat, how to spa, and more! Right here at StyleBistro. For all our Atlantic City coverage, tune into our dedicated page right here.

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