Atlantic City Journal - Day 1: Where Am I?

(Caitlin Petreycik/StyleBistro)

Atlantic City! Despite living in the tri-state area my entire life, I had never been here. And, like almost all interesting places, it's both sleazy and beautiful. Sleazy because of the whole payday-lender-strip-club-casino-pawn-shop setup of the place. Beautiful because wedged in between those things are other, more surprising things (which I'll get to later!) And, because it's on the Atlantic Ocean. Right now I can see giant waves crashing outside of my hotel room window, and the very top of the Absecon lighthouse — the tallest one in New Jersey.

The first thing the StyleBistro team did, after checking into our (New Orleans-themed!) hotel, was head straight to a buffet. Buffets are great, usually! You can take tiny bits of anything that interests you, which is an ideal eating situation for me. (I live in constant fear that someone else at the table ordered something more delicious than me, and I am missing out.) But this buffet was different. This buffet was...The Buffet of Sadness.  Everything was sort of salty and droopy, and I ended up feeling pretty sick until around nine that night.

But it was my first day ever in a new city! So, excitement won out over mild food poisoning. I went with Danica and Lindsay to check out Revel, Atlantic City's newest resort and casino. There were dangly gold sculptures in the lobby, to distract from the giant drop over the escalator railings.

And a cute shopping center, which is where I snapped this photo of a giant lamp, as well as the picture of the glass walkway, above.

Here is one of the standard rooms at Revel. Pretty, right?

We stayed for "Binglo," a.k.a. bingo under blacklights, a.k.a. disco bingo. It was...intense. There were two DJs in identical white suits — one at each end of the darkened room — which made the whole thing feel vaguely menacing. And it was so fast! You play six boards at once, for each game.

Lindsay won the big prize! $1250! There was a lot of screaming at our table after that happened.

Back at our hotel, we tried our luck with our complimentary $25 casino credits. I did what any very serious gambler would do — I headed straight to the slot machine I was most attracted to, the pink one covered in kittens. And I came away with $50!

I might use part of the money to buy some shampoo and conditioner today. Because I forget mine. And, our hotel is great, but while the two words "shampoo" and "conditioning" are lovely on their own...

Together, they take on a newer, sadder meaning.

So, that was my first day! If you need me, I'll be on the boardwalk, drinking a Candy Appletini (vodka, apple pucker, butterscotch schnapps, cranberry juice).

Just kidding. No one should ever drink that. Ever.
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