Five Fun (We Swear!) Ways to Wake Yourself From Your Atlantic City Buffet Coma

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What goes better with casinos than buffets? Both things are all about excess, right? ("I can have mac and cheese and coconut battered shrimp and pulled pork tacos? All at the same time?")

But, as we learned the hard way — strolling the Atlantic City boardwalk in a four-kinds-of-dessert-induced daze, wishing we packed sweatpants — those post-buffet food comas can really throw a wrench in your after-dinner plans.

Which is why, if you're planning a trip to AC, it might be a good idea — fun, even! — to exercise a bit in between face-stuffing and gambling sessions. Not, like, in a gym though. You're on vacation! Here are five way more entertaining ways to get your heart rate up. So you can eat more buffet food, duh.

(Atlantic City Aquarium)

Practice Your Downward Dog With Some Sea Turtles

For $15, you can attend an all-level, hour-long yoga class at the Atlantic City Aquarium. Sessions are held every Thursday morning in front of the aquarium's biggest tank, where tropical fish will lull you into a state of serenity. Important: It's BYOM (bring your own mat), so pack accordingly. (I learned this the hard way.)


Take Surfing Lessons

Take advantage of Atlantic City's waves at AC Surf School. They offer everything from never-even-set-foot-on-a-board ultimate beginner lessons, to more advanced classes, like stand-up paddle boarding, and "Zen Surf," which combines the sport with elements of yoga and tai chi. You can check out AC Surf School's full schedule — or sign up for private lessons, which start at $300 per day — at


Rent a Bike

The boardwalk is four miles long — so, if you're already tired just from walking the casino floors, which go on forever, explore it by bike. Wet Feet Watersports rents bikes for $25 for 24 hours (a better deal than most places on the boardwalk, which charge $10 for the first hour, and $1 to $2 for every additional hour). Once you have your two wheels, you can even go off-boardwalk. We recommend biking to Lucy, a six-story elephant structure — yes, really — built in 1881. She's about two miles south of AC, and you can climb up on her back for some gorgeous views of the ocean. Plus, who wouldn't want to take a picture in front of a giant elephant-shaped building?


Play Mini Golf — In the Dark

Okay, this isn't exactly strenuous activity, but at least it gets you moving! There's a GlowGolf outpost at Caesar's, where $10 will get you three rounds of black light mini golf fun. You can also find some super cute mini golf courses along the boardwalk, if you'd rather play outdoors.

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Hike Up New Jersey's Tallest Lighthouse

Atlantic City is home to the Absecon Lighthouse — the tallest one in New Jersey, and the third tallest in the country. It's kind of an exercise double-whammy, because you can hike to it — it's way at the end of the boardwalk — and then climb 228 steps up it, too. It's $7 to access the stairs (the price tag also lets you into the Abescon museum and a recreation of the original lightkeeper's dwelling).
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