Flashback Time: Here's What the 'Sex and the City' Women SHOULD Have Done in Atlantic City


Ok, so I love Sex and the City. A lot. As a 20-something living in New York, I can relate to Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and (very rarely) Samantha. So when StyleBistro set out for Atlantic City this week, I knew I had to turn to Season 5, Episode 3 to see what the girls did during their trip to the Big A.


Alas, I was shocked at what I found. Here, in this episode of one of my all-time favorite TV shows, are my four favorite New Yorkers doing AC completely wrong. So I couldn't help but wonder....(see what I did there? Just call me Carrie Bradshaw Jr.): What should the Sex and the City women have done in Atlantic City?

Let's start with Samantha:

In the show, the whole crew sets out for Atlantic City basically because of Samantha. At this point in the series, she's with Richard. You remember him? The creepy, rich, older guy who Samantha is paranoid is cheating on her because well, he is? Yeah, him.

Well, Richard invites Sam and the ladies out to Atlantic City for the weekend. The girls obviously accept because they want to celebrate Charlotte's 36th birthday in style — despite Charlotte's protests.

But Sam spends the whole time freaking out over Richard. "Is he cheating on me with the housekeeping?" seems to be the theme of Samantha's trip.


Unfortunately, he is cheating on her. Samantha spends the whole episode worrying about Richard and just about drives herself crazy. After running up 11 flights of stairs, she eventually dumps him, the pearl thong he gave her (yeah, eww), and the massive ring he gave her a few episodes back (boo!).


But here's what she should have done instead:

Instead of spending the whole trip worrying about her obviously creepy boyfriend — yeah I said it Sam, Richard is a creep — she should have bought this (who needs a pearl thong anyway):

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) If this isn't right up Samantha's alley, I don't know what is.

And taken her hot self to one of AC's awesome clubs. Might I suggest The Pool After Dark at Harrah's or Boogie Nights at the Tropicana?

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) The Pool After Dark right before the crowd hit on a Wednesday night.

The Pool After Dark is one of AC's hottest clubs. With Pauly D as one of its resident DJs, how could this club not attract some of AC's best, um, talent? While chatting with some of the local women, the StyleBistro editors learned that some of the hottest guys in town go to this club.

See, that's perfect for Sam! She should have come here, danced the night away, and made some rich cutie buy her time in a private hot tub with bottle service.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Get ready to boogie down to some of your favorite '70s and '80s favorites at Boogie Nights.

Or Sam should have hit up Boogie Nights at the Tropicana. The '70s and '80s dance club looks just like a retro-style lounge and disco and features Atlantic City's largest disco ball (say what?!). But more importantly, once a month, the club hosts a "Cougars and Cubs" ball where women over 40 and men 21-29 get in for free until 11 p.m.

Knowing Sam, she would have found herself some hot 20-something and forgotten all about Richard.

Now, onto Miranda:

Poor Miranda has it rough on this trip. After just having given birth to Brady, she's really just looking forward to spending a weekend away from the baby with her precious stack of New Yorkers. (Although, I'd ditch the mags. Brady is adorable and Steve is the sweetest.)


She literally spends her time reading the New Yorker, playing slots, and ending her nights early because she has "pay-per-view and a frozen Milky Way waiting for her in her hotel room." Not good enough, Miranda.

But she also hits the craps table with the girls and ends up getting called, dare I say it, fat by some loser dude. Seriously, can this guy be any ruder? She just had a baby! Thankfully, Carrie steps in and chews this guy out.


And with that Miranda heads back to her hotel room to enjoy the Milky Way and The New Yorker some more.

But Miranda should have:

Instead of letting some gross casino guy's words get to her, Miranda should have treated herself to a day of shopping. Might I suggest The Pier Shops at Caesar's?

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Get yo shopping on, Miranda!

Miranda should have totally spent a day just simply spoiling herself with goodies. And really, as a new momma, she deserved it! Caesar's has a Burberry, Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and lots more.

Plus, there's a candy shop called It's Sugar, where I'm sure she could expand upon that Milky Way collection in her hotel room.

Now, Charlotte:

Charlotte spends this episode having a mid-life crisis. Although let's be real, is 36 really mid life? I hope not! When Miranda gives her a deck of old maid cards for her birthday, Charlotte freaks out and thinks she's going to be an old maid forever. (Spoiler alert, Char: You won't be! Adorable Harry saves the day!)


Charlotte then gets inspired to reinvent herself. She ditches her high-neck, ruffled collar blouse (thank goodness).


And gets an EXTREME Atlantic City makeover.


Now, I'm all for a good makeover scene. But let me reiterate, it has to be GOOD. Charlotte takes the club look a little too far with this plunging pink dress and super-teased 'do. Even the girls are shocked.


But here's what Charlotte should have done:

Instead of freaking out about getting older and being single, she should have pampered herself. Nothing makes you feel more confident and youthful than a day at the spa. Might I suggest the Immersion Spa at The Water Club?

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) Charlotte needs to get totally immersed at Immersion.

Immersion has 360-degree, floor-to-ceiling windows that offer a lovely view of the water. It also features a 25-yard infinity-edge lap pool, 16 experience rooms, a fitness center, and a gourmet spa menu by Chef Geoffrey Zakarian. You can go here and never even have to see a casino floor.

Charlotte should have gone here, gotten a signature four-hand massage, and felt totally fresh and rejuvenated!

And finally, pensive Carrie:


Surprisingly, I don't actually think Carrie did Atlantic City wrong.

In fact, I think Carrie did exactly what she needed to do in Atlantic City: she enjoyed it. Sure, she started the episode freaking out over being stood up on a blind date, but she did as Carrie Bradshaw always does: she spent the whole episode mulling it over and eventually learned something from it.

She also won a $1,000 chip from some guy just for blowing on his dice during a craps game. Now, that's pretty cool.


Unfortunately, she gambled it and lost it all.


Who could've seen that coming?

But Carrie also did probably the most important thing of all the SATC women during this episode: She got taffy from James' Salt Watter Taffy.


Yum, taffy.

(Photo by Caitlin Miller/StyleBistro) If you'e been following my journal posts, you know how I feel about taffy.

That's right, in between her whining about men, losing $1,000, and consoling her semi-crazy friends, Carrie managed to grab some taffy. Atta girl, Carrie!

The episode ended as all SATC episodes do: with the four of them learning that in the end, all they really need is each other.


So cute!

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