DJ Pauly D.'s Guide to Atlantic City: Blackjack, Diamonds, and Guidettes

DJ Pauly D.'s Guide to Atlantic City: Blackjack, Diamonds, and Guidettes(Getty Images)

Atlantic City really is like a mini, seaside Vegas, in that it attracts splashy DJs to man its clubs' turntables — like Pauly D.!

The former Jersey Shore star spins about once a month at Atlantic City's Harrah's resort — in their Pool After Dark space, which looks like this:

DJ Pauly D.'s Guide to Atlantic City: Blackjack, Diamonds, and Guidettes

So, we caught up with him via phone — he knows the shore, after all — to hear about his favorite spots in Atlantic City. Pro tip for Pauly D. stalkers: Get yourself a booth at Dos Caminos.

First things first. How many people fall in that pool on a typical night?

I encourage them to dance in the pool! There are like 3500 people in that club, people do jump in that pool though.

Do people push each other into the pool?

Only when they're trying to get closer to the DJ booth.

What are some of your go-to Atlantic City tracks? What do you play at Harrah's?

It's a big dance crowd, so I play a lot of dance music. Everyone goes to Atlantic City for one thing — to party. Rihanna is killing it right now, Pitbull is killing it right now, with "Feel This Moment."

What do you do when you finish your sets?

Basically, I'm at Harrah's. I go get dinner there. I do my DJ thing there. I eat there. Dos Caminos, their Mexican restaurant, is really good. I get fresh guacamole with the chips they give you. There's this veggie quesadilla that's really good, too.

Do you like to gamble?

I wouldn't say I'm a big gambler. I do like to gamble a little for fun. I like blackjack, and I like to hit the roulette wheel.

What's your grooming routine like before you go onstage?

I gotta get a fresh haircut. The haircut's gotta be on point — literally. As you can see. I gotta get a fresh outfit, it has to match the sneakers. I love jewelry, the louder the better. I love diamonds.

How much jewelry are you wearing right now?

I have like a big huge gold chain with diamonds, and a bracelet and a watch to match.

DJ Pauly D.'s Guide to Atlantic City: Blackjack, Diamonds, and Guidettes

What's the Atlantic City crowd like?

What's good about Atlantic City, is it's like home for me. All my friends and family get to see me once a month. I love that. It's like going home for me.

Does your mom come?

She hasn't been to Atlantic City yet, but she will!

How would you describe Atlantic City girls' style?

They're basically Jersey girls. I call them guidettes — they're tan, they got big hair, they get their nails done, and they're always dressed to the T.

Sometimes you tweet Pauly D. fun facts. Can you tell us one that no one knows?

I like to play remote control cars. I'm playing right now.

Right now?


Do you compete? Or is this a solo activity?

I just like to get them to go fast so I'm constantly hooking them up and putting new motors in them. So, I guess I'm in competition with myself.

That's a nice image to end on — Pauly D., alone in his luxury condo in Vegas, draped in diamonds, racing his remote control cars across his shiny, shiny floors.

Pauly D.'s next Harrah's dance party — which sounds legitimately fun — is on May 25th. Plan your AC trips accordingly.

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