Every Flavor of Atlantic City's Famous Salt Water Taffy, Ranked In Order of Deliciousness

(Caitlin Petreycik/StyleBistro)

Atlantic City is famous for its salt water taffy — there's a candy shop every few feet along the boardwalk, it seems. So, I made it my mission to try every flavor at Fralinger's  — Okay, every flavor except one. Sorry, licorice. — and rank them arbitrarily scientifically according to my highly accurate deliciousness index. It was rough. I mean, not really — but at this point, 29 pieces of taffy later, I'd be fine with not seeing the stuff until...summer, maybe?

Here it is, the official chart.

Some notes on each:

1. Peanut Butter Cup: Ahh! This is so good! The peanut butter center is slightly squishier than the outer chocoalte part, which is key.
2. Sour Cherry: Somehow sweet, salty, and tart all at once. Like all of my favorite sour gummy candies, in taffy form.
3. Blueberry: Very strong blueberry flavor, which is a rarity in blueberry-flavored things.
4. Cookies and Cream: Like a chewy Oreo.
5. Strawberry: I don't know, like a strawberry?
6. Peanut Butter and Jelly: Another one with a surprise center. The jelly is grape, which is important.
7. Orange: I don't know, like an orange?
8. Chocolate: I was expecting this to taste like a Tootsie Roll, but it's SO MUCH BETTER.
9. Peaches and Cream: The peach flavor was very delicate, and the cream didn't overwhelm. (Lol @ everything I just said)
10. Lime: I love lime-flavored things. So I love this, too.
11. Molasses: I don't know if I really like this, or if I like the idea of it. Old school candies should come in old school flavors, right?
12. Lemon: Not as good as lime, but still good. Could be more tart, though.
13. Watermelon: The flavor only lasts for like a second, but it's a lovely second.
14. Pina Colada: Pineapple coconut goodness.
15. Peach: Not as good as the peaches and cream! This one tastes a bit more artificial.
16. Banana: I'm not generally a fan of banana-flavored things, but this one is alright! It somehow tastes like a real banana, as in, it's mild and not chemical-y.
17. Passion Fruit Orange: This one is fine, but I'm not really getting the passion fruit part.
18. Peanut Butter: Meh. Peanut butter is best, in taffy form, when paired with other things. Like chocolate.
19. Root Beer: Really strong root beer taste! This may have been better with some vanilla, as a root beer float flavor.
20. Cookie Dough: Burnt sugar, basically.
21. Sour Apple: Exactly what you'd expect.
22. Bay Breeze: I have no idea what this is supposed to taste like. It's vaguely pineapple-y.
23. Teaberry: Like root beer meets mint.
24. Vanilla: This tastes like the inside of a Charleston Chew.
25. Candy Apple: Like an apple coated in hairspray and sugar.
26. Peppermint: It's fine. It's minty.
27. Molasses Mint: Confusing.
28. Spearmint: TOOTHPASTE.

In conclusion:


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