Guinea Pig Wigs Are Things You Can Buy Now

(Guinea Pig Fashion)

You know what would really give your single guinea pig the confidence she needs to get back in that guinea pig dating scene? A weave!

Luckily, Tokyo-based website Guinea Pig Fashion sells such things for $7. Your tiny rodent friend can even choose between a blonde bombshell style or glossy, Kate Middleton-esque waves.

And, when she finally meets the guinea pig of her dreams, Guinea Pig Fashion can outfit the entire wedding party. Just look at this beautiful satin bridal gown and matching veil.

And that sharp tux!

'Our products are very popular; customers send us photos of their guinea pigs wearing our clothes almost daily,' the site's creator, Maki Yamada told the Daily Mail.

We can see why. Guinea pig tiaras for all!

(Guinea Pig Fashion)


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