Cute of the Day: Watch This Baby Pig Mosey Along in a K'Nex Wheelchair [VIDEO]

(Photo via Facebook)

We interrupt your post-lunch, mid-week slump to bring you the cutest, heartwarming-est, #meep-iest thing you'll see all day, maybe month — a disabled 10-day-old piglet who's learning to walk with a K'Nex wheelchair.

World, meet Chris P. Bacon. (Cripsy bacon!)

Just a few weeks after the first video was shot, Chris P. Bacon made his official on-air debut on a local news network, just like any other adorable Internet animal, where his veterinarian poppa proudly showed him — and his brand new wheels! — off to the world.

It's no 18-carat gold wheelchair...

... it's better! Get more of your squee fix on below:

For a real cuteness overload, pop on over to Chris P. Bacon's Facebook page, here. It's nearly too much to handle. You've been warned.