IMPORTANT: The Puppy Bowl's Hedgehog Cheerleaders Will Be Wearing Tutus

(Courtesy of Etsy/Tranquills)

This year's Puppy Bowl half-time show is going to be extra adorable, thanks to some special guests — hedgehog cheerleaders! In tutus! 

(Courtesy of Etsy/Tranquills) 

The spiky little divas are being outfitted by Etsy seller Christine Schramm (aka Tranquills), whose tulle tutus are handmade — how couture! — and embellished with Swarovski crystals.

"I honestly cannot remember why I made the tutu in the first place. I just thought it was cute and grabbed a few pictures, and all of a sudden, it was all over the internet," Schramm told us. "I started to make more to sell and they flew off the website!" 

The fact that Schramm employs two glamorous models — her pet hedgehogs Amelia and Aly, only helps her sales, although Amelia is "much more willing" to vogue for the camera than Aly is. 

"I think that they can tell they look pretty when they're wearing one," Schramm said. "The treat that they get after they pose doesn't hurt." 

We can't wait to see some hedgehog choreography — in designer outfits, no less! — but in the meantime, we're placing our final bets on the Puppy Bowl's starting lineup. Our money's on Sally. According to her official bio, she loves to steal slippers, so we know she'll be ruthless on the field. 

(Courtesy of Animal Planet) 
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