Meet Lola, Our New Favorite Victoria's Secret Model

By Tanya Leigh Ta on
Alessandra Ambrosio and Lola ('s cuter than a Victoria's Secret Angel? A Victoria's Secret Angel and her dog.Yesterday, Alessandra Ambrosio brought little Lola on set with her for a photo shoot in Santa Monica. From riding around in a bicycle basket to posing in the arms of the leggy Brazilian, the teacup pup looked ridiculously precious. While Alessandra modeled zip-up hoodies and short shorts, her tiny one stole the show in a pink leopard bandana. Check out the...Read Full Story

End of Season Treat: See Pugs Sledding in Tiny Hats and Sweaters!

By Caitlin Petreycik on
(TheFabulousPugModels/YouTube)If you're looking out your window right now, thinking "Ughhh I can't wait for spring!" perhaps these pugs will change your mind? They do look very cozy in their tiny knit sweaters and pom pom caps. Aerial view!(TheFabulousPugModels/YouTube)And they are so calm, even while being pushed around in a little sled. The only way this could be any cuter is if they were being pulled by a pug dog sled team, also wearing sweaters. Watch them in action, below!Read Full Story

BEHOLD: The Dog-E! Oscars Red Carpet Special - aka Puppies in Gowns! [VIDEO]

By Lindsay Schallon on
(Photos via YouTube)Nothing, and we mean nothing, from last night's Oscars award show can compare to this cuteness. No, not even Jennifer Lawrence's funny faces, GIFs of her adorably graceful trip, or Quvenzhané Wallis' puppy purse named Sammy — combined!BEHOLD: The Dog-E! Red Carpet Special for the D'Oscars, starring Jennifur Lawrence (see above), plus...Anne Hathawag: Djamie Foxhound:The director of Arfgo: And more...Watch the stars waddle their way down the red carpet in doggie couture...Read Full Story

Stylish Monkey Suits Up in Armani for Carine Roitfeld

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(CR Fashion Book)Carine Roitfeld's latest installment of CR Fashion Book hasn't hit stands yet, but there are a few images of her sophomore issue floating around the internet already, including these shots of the editor's latest muse — an Armani-wearing chimp named Bentley. Look at him model! So dapper in his tiny designer suit. (CR Fashion Book) "It was the first time I hold a chimpanzee in my lap and I always loved monkeys," Roitfeld told The Telegraph. "It was a big meeting for me — a...Read Full Story

BEHOLD: Westminster Dogs Get Their Hair Done, Nails Done, Everything Did

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(Getty Images)While models were being primped at Lincoln Center and Milk Studios last night, there was a different kind of grooming going on in Madison Square Garden at the 2013 Westminster Dog Show. BEHOLD: The beauty routines of some seriously glamorous pooches. (Getty) Her coat is so voluminous. She must use mousse, right? (Getty) Look at that wince! A cat would never put up with this. (Getty) Check out this gorgeous blonde. (Getty) This dog knows the importance of beard maintenance...Read Full Story

We Ask Fashion People: What Is Your Spirit Animal? [VIDEO]

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(Photo by StyleBistro) Take one guess as to what her spirit animal is...We took to the streets during Fall 2013 New York Fashion Week to ask fashion and beauty people hard-hitting questions, like: What is your spirit animal? And: Can you demonstrate your spirit animal? Pretty please.There were a few surprising standouts — like sloths!(Photo by StyleBistro)And bush babies. What's a bush baby, you ask? Why, it's a small African night monkey — with ginormous eyes!(Photo via as...Read Full Story

#FF - Animal Internet Sensations

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(Photo via Instagram)Internet, meet Sam. (If you haven't already.) Sam has eyebrows, and he's hands-down the best thing to happen to the World Wide Web this week. In honor of Sam's viral fast-track to fame — in less than a week he's gained 12,000+ Instagram followers! — we're highlighting a few of our favorite fashionable animals on the Interwebs.Happy Friday!@SamHasEyebrows on Instagram:This is pretty much the exact reaction we have every time we look at Sam and his perfectly groomed...Read Full Story

IMPORTANT: The Puppy Bowl's Hedgehog Cheerleaders Will Be Wearing Tutus

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(Courtesy of Etsy/Tranquills)This year's Puppy Bowl half-time show is going to be extra adorable, thanks to some special guests — hedgehog cheerleaders! In tutus! (Courtesy of Etsy/Tranquills) The spiky little divas are being outfitted by Etsy seller Christine Schramm (aka Tranquills), whose tulle tutus are handmade — how couture! — and embellished with Swarovski crystals."I honestly cannot remember why I made the tutu in the first place. I just thought it was cute and grabbed a few pictures...Read Full Story

The Most Popular Designer Doggie Name (in New York City) Is...

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(Courtesy of Gucci)WNYC compiled a list of the most popular designer doggie names in New York City, and coming in at number one is...Drumroll please...Gucci! (Courtesy of Gucci) This guy looks a tad upset that his name has become so common. Chanel, Polo, Dolce, and Fendi rounded out the top five, and, interestingly, there are three pups in New York named Manolo. The study did leave some important questions unanswered. Like, how many of these little Guccis are Chihuahaus or teacup Yorkies? And...Read Full Story