These John Frieda Frizz-Ease Styling Tools By Conair Are Total Game-Changers

(Danica Lo / StyleBistro) John Frieda by Conair's Salon Shape Hot Air Brush

Yesterday afternoon, I popped by Brush Salon in New York's Flatiron District to check out the new styling tools from John Frieda by Conair—and believe you me when I say they're game-changers, both for smoothing difficult-to-tame hair and for adding volume to stick-straight locks (like mine).

The new collection of heat stylers includes the Salon Shape Hot Air Brush ($39.99, above), the Satin Finish Flat Iron ($54.99, not pictured), and the Salon Shine Dryer ($39.99). Each harnessed the power of superior ionic technology to smooth your hair—so you can better achieve the style you want.

What's ionic techology? It's science. Here's how it works: Check out how frizzy, static-y, and flyaway this head of human hair is:

Here's a scientist guy demonstrating Conair's smoothing brush—which is infused with ionic technology—see how even from a distance of two feet away, the ions start to smooth the hair? It's pretty mindblowing. Check it out:

It gets even better when he actually brushes the frizzy hair with the ion-technology-infused brush:

No more flyaways!

Me, I don't usually have a problem with static or frizz—my hair is naturally straight. But I do have trouble getting my hair to hold a curl, or have any body at all. While I was at Brush, stylist Brandon Shin used the new John Frieda Styling Tools by Conair on my hair—just the Salon Shine Dryer and the Salon Shape Hot Air Brush. We didn't use a lot of product—just a mist of hairspray at the end—and voila, these curls stayed all day! Seriously, here's a photo I took of my hair at 10 p.m. last night after getting home from dinner. See? Hair still big!

I'm totally sold. I'm bringing my new Salon Shape Hot Air Brush to Savannah with me tonight—I can't wait to see how its power stands up to the humidity in the South!
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