Obsession: Butter London's Color-Happy Mascaras and Eye Pencils

(Photos by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro) Butter London WINK mascara, $20 each

It's no secret around these parts: We're obsessed with Butter London's nail lacquers—The amazing colors! The 3-free formulas! The cheeky British names!—so you can trust when we say we freaked out over this. Butter just launched a color cosmetics line!

The new Bespoke Color Cosmetics collection features six mascaras, cream eye shadows, and eye pencils, along with tinted lip balms and cream blushes. Our favorite part? The blow-you-away bright shades. (Helloooo, highlighter pink mascara!)

Here are all six of the colors the mascara comes in—don't you love the blue?

Butter London WINK Eye Pencils, $18 each. (Pssst... They still have browns and blacks in case you're more of a neutrals kinda girl!)

In case you're iffy about wearing such intense colors, here are a few ways we'll be rocking these eye-poppers:

LAYER WITH BLACK: Temper the vibrancy of colored mascara by sweeping your favorite black one over the top. Only a peek of the color will show through, but it'll still give your lashes a little somethin'-somethin'.

ONLY APPLY IT ON THE ENDS: Being a blue-eyed girl, here's a trick I use all the time to bring out my irises. First, I apply black mascara—to contrast the white—then just on the ends, I swipe one quick flick of blue. It's so subtle, but it really makes a difference! You can easily do this with any of these shades. I like the idea of pink or green on a night out.

KEEP YOUR MAKEUP MINIMAL: Bright eyes? Bow-chicka-wow-wow. Bright eyes and cheeks and lips? You're crossing into clown territory. (Or '80s... eek!) If you reach for one of those electric eyeliners just make sure to emphasize only your eyes.

Tell us, do you guys heart Butter products as much as we do? How would you rock one of these shades? Are you into the whole colored mascara thing lately? Sound off in the comments!