10 Golden Tips For The Perfect Fake Tan Application

It's time we learned how to bronze ourselves the right way! Here are 10 golden tips for the perfect fake tan.

Everything looks so much better with a tan, but it takes a whole lot of effort to get there. Fake tan application usually requires exfoliation, mittens, gloves, shower caps – none of which we can be bothered with. So we slap it on and then regret it when we look like a patchy orange mess.

Every girl wants the same thing when it comes to their fake tan. Less of the orange, more of the 'I've been catching some sun on an exotic island' kinda look. But a sun-kissed, EVEN fake tan is just so hard to come by.

Luckily we spoke to the tanning exerts at LDN: SKINS to find out their top 10 tips on achieving the perfect golden tan – so we can be rid of those patchy elbows once and for all.

1. Hair removal 

Defuzz before or after? It’s the question of all questions. But there just so happens to be an answer: Always defuzz first.

Make sure you wax or shave at least 24 hours before applying your tan to prevent irritation or sensitivity to your open pores.

2. Exfoliate 

Hands up – it’s our least favorite of the fake tan stages but when it’s done right, an even golden tan you shall have. Make sure to exfoliate at least 24 hours before applying your tan, to cleanse and polish your skin for a more even looking tan.

Use LDN: SKINS Foaming Exfoliator to remove the build up of any unwanted products. Spray tan addicts, we’re talking to you.

Finish with a back spatula for all those hard to reach places.

10 Golden Tips For The Perfect Fake Tan Application

3. Moisturize

There’s no beauty pet peeve greater than a flaky fake tan, so it’s worth persevering with a hydrating moisturizer. Pay particular attention to typical problem dry areas including wrists, hands, elbows, knees, ankles, and feet to stop your tan from going patchy. Applying Vaseline to dry areas can also protect your hairline, ears, and rough patches from tide marks.

10 Golden Tips For The Perfect Fake Tan Application

4. Clean Skin

Before application, your skin needs to be clean and dry and free of any perfume or deodorant.

5. Mitts

Every one’s seen the evidence of a fake tan gone wrong (hello orange hands) but if you take the necessary measures, you should be safe from any disasters. Make sure you use a tanning mitt to protect your hands from any discoloration. The Professional Tanning Mitt by LDN: SKINS makes application quick and easy with its non-slip lining. Glide and go!

6. Pump it (but not too much)

It’s easy to get carried away with products, especially when the product seems to absorb into the skin quickly. Go easy on the product, as too much can lead to streaks. You can always do another coat a few days later if you need it.

10 Golden Tips For The Perfect Fake Tan Application

7. Application

Use long circular motions combined with sweeping strokes to gently smooth the tan over your skin. There’s no need to over rub the product. Finish by dabbing away any excess off around the shoulders and legs with a tanning mitt.

10 Golden Tips For The Perfect Fake Tan Application

8. Massage

When it comes to applying product to your face, apply a small amount of like a face moisturizer, gently massaging around your features and blending into your hairline and down your neck.

9. Don’t forget your feet and hands

Make sure you gently swipe over the tops of your hands, feet and knees – remember you want a natural looking glow!

10. Aftercare

Wear loose fitting clothing afterwards and avoid any strenuous exercise. Sweat patches and streaks are hard to cover up, so maybe put that HIIT class off until your tan has set. What a shame!

Originally published by Lareese Craig

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