FYI, Eye Art Is The New Nail Art

FYI, Eye Art Is The New Nail Art(Credit: TalPeleg Instagram)

In hindsight, that whole crazy, kooky nail-art phenomenon that took off a few years ago now seems pretty tame in comparison to what's up next: eyelid art.

Say goodbye to the sooty, smoky eye and exaggerated winged liner. If you pride yourself on staying ahead of beauty trends, start brushing up on your paint-by-number skills (pun intended).

At the forefront of this particular makeup movement is Israeli makeup artist and blogger Tal Peleg, who artfully uses the space between the lash lines all the way up to the brows (and sometimes beyond) as her canvas. Some looks are certainly more intricate than others, and as expected, the majority of Peleg's colorful ocular designs are far too extreme for the sidewalk.

With that said, some of the eye art we've spotted on the catwalks happen to be much more accessible for the everyday woman. (Especially those who aren't as savvy with creating fun freehand designs.)

FYI, Eye Art Is The New Nail Art
(Credit: ImaxTree)

Whether it's bold metallics or an in-your-face mashup of vibrant neon hues (seen at Chanel and Christian Dior, respectively), merely stepping outside of your color comfort zone has a similar—yet decidedly more wearable—effect.