The Sweetest Scent for Fall: Demeter's Saltwater Taffy

(Photos courtesy of Demeter)

When you think of fall fragrances, we bet pumpkin, apple, and cinnamon are a few of the scents that first pop into your head, right? Well, we implore you to reconsider. Behold, the sweetest new scent for fall: Demeter Fragrance Library's Saltwater Taffy.

(Photo courtesy Demeter)

Saltwater Taffy is the newest launch from the Demeter Fragrance Library. Named after the delicious treat, hints of vanilla and caramel blend together both its sweet and salty natures. We used just one spritz of this candy-flavored fragrance, and our stomachs were instantly growling. (True story.) And if, like us, you want to make your office or home smell like an Atlantic City candy shop—and really, who doesn't—there's a home diffuser to get the job done. Just be warned: candy cravings may ensue.

(Photo courtesy of Demeter)

Saltwater Taffy 1 fl. oz, $20,
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