This 'Tornado' Blow Dryer Barrel Will Totally, Uh, Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]

This 'Tornado' Blow Dryer Barrel Will Totally, Uh, Blow Your Mind [VIDEO]
(Photo by Lindsay Schallon/StyleBistro)

If blow-drying your own hair feels sort of like a workout—with all that heavy one-arm lifting and waving back and forth and such—say hello to Kiss's new fast-acting, featherweight tornado technology hair dryer.

This ceramic tourmaline ionic dryer helps evenly distribute heat throughout the hair, preventing the risk of heat spot damage, all while enhancing shine, eliminating frizz, and the need to awkwardly wiggle your hand as you dry. (You know the drill.)

So, what exactly is this tornado tech stuff, you ask? Observe the 360° rotating "tornado" barrel in Vine-animated action, below:

As you can see, a mechanism in the barrel swirls round-and-round, covering four times more ground than most conventional dryers to dry your locks faster. However, if you do want more directional heat for straightening—or if you're, like, a blow-drying guru, blowing out your locks—the dryer also comes with a classic air concentrator nozzle.

Intrigued? You can scoop up the Kiss Tornado 360° for $25 at Walmart—that's, like, the price of one night out with the girls. (Probably less! Sorry, it's Friday...)