Sephora Created a Limited-Edition 'Divergent' Makeup Collection

Sephora Created a Limited-Edition 'Divergent' Makeup Collection(Source: Sephora; Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Palette, $32.50)Unless you've been living in a dystopia and busy fending off community leaders who want you dead, you're well aware that tonight marks the much-anticipated film release of Divergent, based on the addictive young-adult novel written by Veronica Roth. While we may be slightly older than the series's target demographic, that didn't stop us from squealing with excitement when we discovered that Sephora created an exclusive Divergent-inspired cosmetics collection in time for the movie's big debut.

The three-piece assortment includes a holographic Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Palette ($32.50), featuring three neutral eyeshadows, a rosy blush, a matte bronzer and a mauve lip gloss that are perfect for creating a natural, everyday look befitting of Shailene Woodley's selfless character, Tris.

Sephora Created a Limited-Edition 'Divergent' Makeup Collection(Source: Sephora; Divergent Multi-Piece Collector's Kit, $59.50)Both makeup junkies and devoted Divergent fans who tore through the trilogy in the span of a week (guilty on both accounts) will love playing with the fully loaded Divergent Limited Edition Multi-Piece Collector's Kit ($59.50).

The set includes a cheek palette containing two blushes, a bronzer and an illuminator; four neutral lip glosses that will plump your pucker with their cool, tingling sensation; a fluffy double-ended brush; and a trio of eyeshadow palettes featuring four coordinating shades, plus a metallic accent color that snaps off in case it wants to leave its richly pigmented family and join another faction. 

In keeping with the theme, all of the packaging is adorned with a photo of the Chicago ferris wheel where Tris and Four (played by the hunky Theo James) first kindle their romance, and each of the shades are named after a typical faction trait (Altruistic Almond, Peaceful Shimmer).
Sephora Created a Limited-Edition 'Divergent' Makeup Collection(Source: Sephora; Divergent 7-Piece Nail Art Kit, $27.50)Of course, what makeup collection would be complete without polish, and the Divergent 7-Piece Nail Art Kit ($27.50) allows you to keep your obsession for the franchise close at hand. In addition to five muted lacquers, the kit contains an opalescent top coat effect and six nail tattoos depicting reoccuring tropes such as Tris's crow tattoos and that ferris wheel that function exactly like the temporary tats you slapped on in summer camp (just cut the design to fit your beds, add water, hold and peel back the plastic). 

All three items are currently available at Sephora stores and online.
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