Mally Roncal's Three Tips for Mastering a Dark Lip This Fall

(Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe) Unless you've been living under a rock, you've probably noticed the hottest trend in lipwear is a deep and dark lip. Although this look is loved by celebs and makeup artists alike, for the every day woman, it can be a difficult trend to get on board with. But we caught up with makeup guru Mally Roncal this past fashion week to learn exactly how to master the sexy dark lip we're craving for fall. 

1) Train your eye

(Jason Merritt/Getty Images North America)Mally says many women are hesitant to try a bold lip simply because they aren't used to seeing themselves with one. "It's all about training your eye, so it doesn't feel so crazy to you," she says. She suggests wearing a bold lip color just for fun while you're doing household chores simply to get used to seeing yourself with a pop of color!

2) Try a lip stain

(Axelle/Bauer-Griffin) Another trick Mally suggests for women looking to take the plunge into the dark lip world is to opt for a stain instead of a straight up lipstick. "It's something that's just a little bit darker in color and will help train your eye," she explains.

3) Use a lip liner...after lipstick

(Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America) When you've finally mustered up the courage to rock a bold, dark lip, Mally says there's one little trick she likes to use to help get that perfect crisp lip. "I put the lipstick on first and then I take a lip liner to sharpen the lines," she says. If you try to do the lip liner first, Mally says you run the risk of getting the dreaded coloring-book style lip liner look everyone fears. "Do the lipstick first and use your lip liner after to sharpen," she says. "And then it'll be perfect!"

Voila! The secret to a lush dark lip is as simple as that. Oh, and if you're really daring, you can try a fierce red lip. Mally has a three-piece primer, lipstick and lip liner set to give you those sexy lips you've always desired. Get the Perfect Red Lip kit for $35 at
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