FIRST LOOK: Justin Bieber Unveils His Third Fragrance, The Key

(Photo via Twitter)

Beliebers of the world, this is the moment you've been waiting for. The key to Justin Bieber's heart can now be yours!

Well, metaphorically speaking...

(Photo courtesy)

"[The Key] will unlock a personal side of me they’ve never seen before, bringing us closer than ever,” Bieber told People.

Hear that? Closer than ever, you guys. Meaning, if you spritz this stuff and close your eyes, it'll almost be like you're there with him, snuggling up to his bare chest and leather-y drop-crotch pants, cruising around LA after curfew, hitting paparazzi in his custom-made leopard-print Audi. Ah, the smell of young, imaginary romance.

Oh right, the actual scent... It's a fruity, floral musk with decadent notes of vanilla. Look out for it in department stores and premier retailers this July! (Hint: Just follow the crowd of Beliebers.)