'Mad Men' Makeup Artist Lana Horochowski Talks Cat Eyes, Dark Lips, and Using Makeup for Good

(Photo courtesy of Lana Horochowski)If you've been repeatedly watching old episode of Mad Men on Netflix, don't worry. You're not alone. In prep for the show's return, we caught up with Lana Horochowski, the show's four-time Emmy-nominated makeup artist, to learn once and for all how to master Megan Draper's perfect cat eye.

"You want to operate with a product that can be moved easily, cleaned up easily, and shaped easily," she said. To get the sexy winged look, Lana uses the blackest gel liner she can find, like MAC's Fluidline in Blacktrack.

(Michael Yarish/AMC)First, she says start out with a thin line in the inner corner of the eye, then paint it out from there. "When you get to the outer corner and before the gel dries, take a concealer brush with a tiny bit of concealer on it and go right under the line and swoop it up and out toward your hairline," she said. "That will make your cat eye fade out and thin out. And it gives a little bit of a highlight to make it pop!"

But getting a hot eye wasn't the only trick we begged Lana to reveal. We quizzed her on her must-have beauty product of the moment.

"I like Tom Ford's Bruised Plum," she told us. "I've been wearing it every day." And it might not come as a surprise, but Lana is a big fan of a dark lip—just like those she creates on Mad Men.

"I'm just so stuck on the dark lip," she said. "It’s always pretty and always striking. I think that’s what people love so much about Mad Men. It was a time when women really looked beautiful and accentuated the positive."

(Michael Yarish/AMC)So what's her trick for pulling off a Joan Harris classic red lip? Simple: Keep your face as clean as possible. That means no eyeliner and no eyeshadow. Lana suggests simply fill in the brow and opt for a good heavy mascara. "Maybe a cheek stain," she said. "But I would do that last and adjust it depending on how dark the lip is. The lip should definitely be the focal point!"

But Lana isn't keeping her beauty knowledge all to herself. The Hollywood makeup artist is using her talents for a good cause, as well. She was recently just selected as a national ambassador for Look Good Feel Better, a nationwide program that helps women with cancer "understand and cope with the appearance side effects of their treatment."

Lana, who lost her own aunt to cancer, visited a Look Good Feel Better workshop and was moved to get involved. "I saw these women, who left the program totally transformed," she said. "It’s so much more than putting makeup on. If you look like yourself, people won’t treat you like you’re sick. It can really give you a little more fight!"

Last year, the organization reached about 50,000 women, but they're aiming for more. Lana is hoping to get more hands on with the program, attend more workshops, and get some of her friends in the beauty industry involved. "I want to do whatever I can!" she said.

She even used the program's Virtual Makeover tool—which allows women with cancer to "try on" different makeup and hair looks—to recreate the looks of Mad Men's four main female leads, Peggy, Megan, Joan, and Betty. See her creations, below!

(Photo courtesy)To learn more about Look Good Feel Better and to see how you can get involved, visit the program's website.
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