Here's When it's OK to Pile On the Blush

Here's When it's OK to Pile On the Blush

Disclaimer: We're blush addicts. There isn't a day that goes by when we don't swirl a pretty pop of rouge on the apples of our cheeks. (And around 5 p.m., we're usually swirling on just a little bit more.)

With that said, it is incredibly easy to go overboard on the faux flush, especially when it's coupled with a face full of other makeup.

That's precisely why Pussycat Doll alum Ashley Roberts wins. Pictured here at a launch event in London, even though she dusted a healthy amount of apricot-colored blush on her gorgeous, tanned face, she paired it with a glossy nude lip and a natural-looking (but definitely enhanced) pair of false eyelashes. The combination of those three are pretty much the perfect balance. Remember, when it comes to makeup, everything in moderation.