Newest Addition To Our Makeup Bag: Laura Mercier New Eye & Cheek Palette

(Photo courtesy Laura Mercier)It should probably come as no surprise that our makeup bag is really a series of five or so makeup bags as well as a less-than-glamorous plastic Tupperware box that won't close—we're quite aware of our hoarding tendencies thankyouverymuch. Despite having a makeup collection to rival Sephora, we're actually quite picky about what we add to said collection. But one palette we're more than happy to welcome to our arsenal is Laura Mercier's new Enlightenment Eye & Cheek Palette from their Spring Renaissance Collection.

(Photo courtesy of Laura Mercier)The small (but not too small) palette includes four eye shadows in soft shimmering shades such as Angelic—a pale cream, Grace—a hazy gray, Pure Glow—a rich neutral, and Innocence—a barely-there pink. The palette also contains two cheek shades in Blushing—a rosebud, and Awakening—a muted pink.

The combination of colors truly is stunning and will work perfectly to bring some life to our wintery pale skin. But more than anything, these shades have us dreaming of sunny spring days. Any product that instantly makes us feel like a pretty flower child most definitely has a spot in our beauty bag...OK, bags.

Laura Mercier Limited Edition Enlightenment Eye & Cheek Palette, $55,
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