This Innovative Heat-Styling Tool is the Key to a Beautiful Bouncy Blowout

(Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images North America, Axelle/Bauer-Griffin)

How many times have you gone to your stylist for a curly blowout, and ended up with several round brushes attached to your head—with the handles sticking out, very Medusa-like? (Countless, we’re guessing.) Ever tried to perform your stylist’s technique on yourself? It’s damn near impossible. At least, it was.
Invest in a Click n Curl ($44.99) to get that soft yet springy, fresh-from-the-salon style. Available in three sizes and colors, this handy heat-styling round brush comes with six detachable heads that act as heated rollers. Simply roll a small section of your hair around the bristled barrel all the way up to your scalp while using a handheld blow dryer, and click to detach the brush head. The curls will set and cool down around the bristles, ensuring your beautiful bouncy look lasts much longer.