What We're Wearing This Weekend: NARS x Guy Bourdin's Holiday Collection

(Art by Caitlin Miller, photos courtesy NARS)If you're like us, you're probably planning your big weekend. And no we don't mean staying in and having a Netflix binge—although it's tempting. This weekend, we plan on going out in style! And what's in our makeup arsenal for our nightlife festivities? Two fabulous shades from NARS x Guy Bourdin's new holiday collection.

This weekend we've decided to go big and bold, and we don't care who knows it. First, we're bringing out Exhibit A ($29)—a matte red blush so rich in color it gives the apple of your cheeks a whole new meaning. Now we know what you're thinking, this is one bright red blush. And yes, yes it is. But when applied sparingly and blended correctly, this shade gives a natural-looking flushed look, rather than an over-the-top '80s red. Trust us.

The second piece we've pulled from the collection is an attention-grabbing purple. This limited-edition cinematic eyeshadow in Rage ($24) is velvety smooth and delivers one heck of a punch. Apply this electric orchard shade either dry or use a dampened brush for an ever bigger finish! We'll be going for the extra drama, thank you very much.

(Photos courtesy of NARS)So not only is it TGIF, but it's TTTNM. Ahem that's "time to try new makeup," and these are two shades we just can't wait to try this Saturday night. Or you know, tonight when we're at home watching Netflix.
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