You'll Never Guess Which Soap is Beyonce's Favorite!

(Credit: Ezra Shaw/Getty Images North America)

What Beyoncé wants, Beyoncé gets.

In Touch recently got hold of the 32-year old superstar's hospitality rider (more commonly known as a list of backstage essentials—a.k.a. full-blown demands), and while some of her asks are slightly diva-ish (all-white furniture and two white area rugs?!) and others are completely understandable (72 °F room temperature and baby-proofed furniture for baby Blue Ivy), there was one item on there that stood out from the rest: two bars of Irish Spring Deodorant Soap ($4.27 for 8 at

Do you understand what this means? After Queen B works it out and sweats it up on stage, she humbly showers on a budget just like the rest of us. (In fact, there's a bar of Irish Spring in our shower right now. You know, no big deal.)