Lather Up Lavishly: 5 Designer Scented Bar Soaps

Lather Up Lavishly: 5 Designer Scented Bar Soaps

You would be hard-pressed to find a high-fashion brand that hasn't expanded into the beauty space. Aside from fragrances, ancillary lotions, oils, and shower gels, as well as skin care, cosmetics, and of course, nail polish, there's another grooming necessity gaining popularity in the luxury toiletry space: scented bar soaps. 

And just as you'd expect, they're as top-notch as suds can get. These richly lathering, ultra-moisturizing, and incredibly fragrant handheld cleansers totally trump your go-to drugstore body wash.

Granted, going the designer route will cost a wee bit more than what you're probably used to spending on your regular bar of soap, but think of it this way: if a Chanel purse, an Hermes scarf, or a Tom Ford frock isn't within your budget, splurging on this affordable extravagence can be just as gratifying.

Shop a few of our fashionable favorites below; your ten minute shower just got a hell of a lot more stylish.

Bulgari Eau Parfumée Au Thé Blanc Deluxe Soap With Dish, $30 at | Hermes Eau D'Orange Verte Perfumed Soap, $30 at | Dior J'adore Soap, $25 at | Tom Ford Neroli Portofino Bath Soap, $35 at | Chanel N°5 Bath Soap, $25 at