Five Unique Ways to Use Coconut Oil for Beauty

Wellness Tip: 5 NEW Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Beauty(Source: Thinkstock) As most natural-food lovers know, coconut oil has many amazing uses and healing properties. But the obvious face and hair masks aside, this miraculous fruit can also be used for everything from removing eye makeup to moisturizing cuticles. For some practical ways to make the most of coconut oil's beautifying potential, we spoke with Australian holistic health coach Simone McGrath, a coconut expert whose book, Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty ($14), offers a bevy of tips to live by.

Here are five of her favorite coconut-oil beauty rituals:

1. Natural Eye Makeup Remover
"I'm here to tell you to toss your fancy makeup removers in the bin because none will remove your eye makeup as easily as coconut oil. Simply add a little bit to your normal cotton-wool rounds and massage it into the eye area gently, leave it for a minute and wipe it off with a clean cotton-wool round. Remember to wash the area with some warm water afterwards and apply your regular moisturizer."

2. Body Scrub and Exfoliant
"Simply mix equal parts coconut oil and sugar together for an amazing body scrub to use in the bath or shower. Make a different scent every time by adding a few drops of pure essential oil—such a simple homemade scrub that leaves your skin smooth, moisturized and smelling divine. This makes a lovely gift, too. Mix up the body scrub, choose your essential oils and then bottle it in fancy jars decorated with ribbons and gift it to loved ones on special occasions. The coconut oil needs to be in its solid state for this scrub to be effective, so please make sure to store it in the fridge in hot weather so it doesn’t melt."

Wellness Tip: 5 NEW Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Beauty(Source: Simone McGrath) 3. Cuticle Cream
"Rub a pea-sized amount into the cuticles on each hand every night before bed. The coconut oil moisturizes the cuticles, keeping them soft and preventing your nails from drying out and becoming brittle. Coconut oil is also packed full of vitamins and minerals, which help your nails to grow and stay healthy."

4. Lip Tint
"Don’t you get frustrated at that last tiny bit of lipstick that you can never get out of the bottom of the tube? Well, no more will you feel wasteful. Scoop out the last of your lipstick and mix it with an equal amount of coconut oil. Melt them together over a gentle heat, then place it into an empty, cleaned lip-balm container and allow it to set again to its solid state. Note that in hot weather, this will have to be done in the fridge as coconut oil is liquid at room temperature in hot weather. Once set, voila: you have a tinted lip balm in your favorite shade."

5. Toothpaste
"Coconut oil makes a fantastic natural whitening and anti-bacterial toothpaste. Simply mix equal parts coconut oil with baking soda until it forms a paste, then add a few drops of peppermint essential oil or even cinnamon essential oil for those who want something a little different. Put a little onto your toothbrush and brush as normal twice daily. The coconut oil is anti-bacterial and anti-fungal, and effectively kills the germs that cause tooth decay. The baking soda has light abrasive qualities that work to clean, whiten and brighten, and the peppermint leaves you with the freshest breath in town. Again, this needs to be in solid form, so store it in the fridge in warmer weather."

Wellness Tip: 5 NEW Ways To Use Coconut Oil For Beauty(Source: Simone McGrath)