Living Proof’s New Satin Hair Serum Won't Leave Your Locks Greasy

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It's no secret from where Jennifer Aniston gets her shine—the hair icon is a co-owner of Living Proof, a super-scientific haircare company that's backed by MIT. So when the brand announced it just launched a new hair serum (meaning it's one of first few new products Aniston and her stylist Chris McMillan had a hand in!) we took note.

Available exclusively at now (and in stores starting June 1st) is Living Proof's Satin Hair Serum ($29), a silicone- and oil-free hair serum that promises to cut your styling time in half, all while giving your locks smooth, manageable movement.

See, up until now most frizz-fighters have depended on silicones, oils, or a mixture of the two to tame unruly strands, but as we're sure you've experienced, this often leaves your locks feeling greasy and weighed down. Instead, those brainy beauty buffs (read: scientists) at LP created a new "Sera-Smooth technology"—we won't get too into the chemistry lesson, but it's forumulated with the brand's "miracle molecule" OFPMA and other polishing-polymers—that isn't greasy.

Hey, if it gives us locks like Jennifer Aniston...

(Photo by Getty) Chris McMillan and Jennifer Aniston

Living Proof Satin Hair Serum is available at for $29 a bottle.