Become a Contouring Queen With Tarte's Amazonian Clay Face Slenderizing System

(Photos courtesy QVC and Frazer Harrison/Getty Images North America) We might not all be blessed with perfect bone structure, but with the right products you can fake it. Just ask Kim Kardashian, who might just be the master of contouring and highlighting.

(Photo courtesy Kim Kardashian Instagram)See what a difference a little contouring magic can make? Get sculpted, defined cheekbones and add the illusion of a slimmer face with just a swipe of the brush. Recently, our friends over at QVC sent us a little contouring system of our own to test out.

(Photos courtesy QVC)The tarte Amazonian Clay Face Slenderizing System is a no-fuss, easy-to-use, contouring kit that gives the appearance of a very subtle more prominent cheek. The Amazonian clay scultpting stick comes in Park Ave Princess, a light golden bronze that makes your cheeks look naturally thin as opposed to sunken in or worse, painted on.

The system is super simple to use, as well. Start by applying the contour stick underneath your natural cheekbone. We found that it looks the most natural when you start from the back and work forward, making the thickest and darkest part of your contour line directly under the plumpest part of the apple of your cheek. Next, take the slanted end of the blending brush to smooth out the line. Follow the contour line and pull the brush down and toward the mouth to get a natural-looking blend. Finally, use the smaller, rounder end of the brush to smooth out any remaining harsh lines. The result is a very subtle yet noticeable slimmer and more defined cheek.

Try tarte Amazonian Clay Face Slenderizing System ($28.50) for yourself. It's available exclusively to QVC until November 30.
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