Want to Try the Dewy Look? Let Sienna Miller Be Your Guide

(Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe)

Not many girls have mastered the art of dewy skin, as there's an ultra fine line between lovely and luminous, and gross and greasy. Sienna Miller falls into the former category; apparently she has it (and everything, for that matter) down pat.

The beautiful Brit turned up at the BFI Gala Dinner in London looking gorgeous as usual in a simple LWD (little white dress). However, it was her minimal makeup that made her stand out in the crowd. 

(Credit: Gareth Cattermole/Getty Images Europe)

Aside from a little liner, mascara, and a bit of flesh-tone lip gloss, the main focus of her look was on her skin. Illuminated in all the right places (forehead, cheeks, and chin), Sienna's skin wasn't glowing in that golden, bronzy way we're used to seeing. It was slightly shiny—but in a good way. (Never thought we'd ever say that!)

It looks like it's down to moisturizing with a lightweight facial oil or serum, topped off with a luminizing foundation. Quite a risky bet for for those of you who are used to moisturizing a traditional cream and evening out your skin tone with powder, but as you can see above, making the switch could pay off handsomely!