Lipstick Queen Launches Three New Chinatown Glaze Colors for Summer

(Courtesy Lipstick Queen) Lipstick Queen's Chinatown Glaze in three new colors

Lipstick Queen's iconic Chinatown Glaze—one of the original chubby lipstick-gloss pencils that's also a cult beauty industry fave!—has just launched three very exciting new colors for summer. While we're definitely still fans of "Thriller," one of the originals (a scarlet red), we can't help but love the three new, more neutral, everyday colors—from top: "Cameo," a soft nude; "Catalina," a flirty, fun yet subtle pink; and "Pink Bluff," an earthy nude pink. Find them on Lipstick Queen's website or at an Ulta or Space NK near you.
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