The Five Must-Have Brow Tools

The Five Must-Have Brow Tools
(Source: Laura Mercier, Tweezerman, Sephora, Thinkstock; Art by Tanya Leigh Washington)Whether your brows are thick or thin, over-plucked or bushy, light or dark, there are a few products you need. We've laid out the five essential brow tools you must have in your beauty bag to ensure you're brows look good and stay in their place.

A brow pencil:
The Five Must-Have Brow Tools
(Source: Laura Mercier)
Never underestimate the power of a brow pencil. A good rule of thumb when for looking for the right pencil shade is to opt for a color two shades lighter than your hair color. Also, remember that pencils aren't meant to draw on your brows. Only use them for filling in gaps or bare spots, and please only use them on your hair—avoid getting too dramatic and drawing in lines. We're liking Laura Mercier's Eye Brow Pencil ($22) in blonde to give us the Cara Delevingne brows we've always dreamed of.

A pair of tweezers:
The Five Must-Have Brow Tools(Source: Urban Beauty United)This might seem rather obvious, but it's imperative to find a pair you're comfortable with. Make sure you choose a pair that allows you a good sturdy grip. Also, depending on how precise your plucking is, look at the tip. Pointed tips are good for getting a very precise pluck, while flat tips are easier to use and can grab multiple hairs at once. A slanted tip is somewhere in between! This Pluckable Slant Tip Tweezer from United Beauty United ($4.99) not only helps you shape your brows but has a fun design on the handle, too.

A brow brush:
The Five Must-Have Brow Tools(Source: Tweezerman)A brow brush is good to have on hand for a lot of reasons. Not only is it great for shaping your brows after filling in with the pencil (or gel or shadow, if you prefer), but it's also a good resource for makeup too. Currently, we're putting Tweezerman's Brush iQ Brow Brush ($12.60) to work on both our brows and our lids. It's great at helping to get that precise cat eye flick!

Brow gel:
The Five Must-Have Brow Tools(Source: Sonia Kashuk)To keep unruly or curly brows tame in place, a brow gel is a must. Although there are tinted options out there, sometimes you can't beat a clear gel. It goes on transparent and just acts as a comb to separate hairs and keep them laying flat. A good budget-friendly option is Sonia Kashuk's Brow Gel ($5.99), which is light and discreet.

A highlighter:
The Five Must-Have Brow Tools(Source: Sephora)To finally give your look the opened-up, bright-feeling, a highlighter is key. Put a subtle swipe of highlighter under the brow to open up your eyes and draw light to your face. Popular brow brand Anastasia Beverly Hills has their Eye Lights Matte pencil ($21) to create matte highlights under your arch as well as act as a base for shadow.
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