New Wedding Nail Trends to Try (Even If You're Not Getting Married)

Say "I do" to these new trends.

These 2016 Wedding Nail Trends Are Worth Trying

Even though winter isn’t exactly over, spring will be here before we know it. And with the anticipated arrival of warmer weather and gorgeous spring fashions, comes the entrance of wedding season, which always brings on major style and beauty inspiration.

And while wedding hair and makeup styles definitely tickle our fancy, bridal nail looks are usually what gets us motivated the most. We’re breaking down this season’s hottest nail trends that you'll love — even if it's not your big day.

Go More Natural

Unlike runway and high-fashion nails, wedding nail styles usually stay on traditional and classic side. But unlike the in-salon treatments of the past, brides are now seeking more natural alternatives to chemical-laced salon treatments such as acrylics, silk wraps and extensions.

“The biggest trend is toward healthier nails,” says Lauren Berkovitz creator and owner of Lauren B. Beauty. “Women are becoming increasingly aware of the toxins lurking in conventional nail products — they want the look of an expert manicure and pedicure without the health risks.”

Aside from seeing a lot less toxic polishes on the market, polish colors are trending towards sheer and nude, as the idea is to keep nails as close to their natural state as possible. But despite their prim and polished appearance, nail looks like these are not as high maintenance, and can usually be achieved in a matter of minutes.

These 2016 Wedding Nail Trends Are Worth Trying

“Sheer, barely-there shades are refreshing and foolproof,” says Berkovitz. "They work perfectly with a pale wedding gown, and add a glow that’s clean and chic. And you can never go wrong with a light, tender blush pink (like my City of Angels) or a glossy nude shade.”

Bold and Daring Color

But while nudes and pink tones usually make their way down the aisle, bolder and daring nail colors (think metallics and brighter tangerines) are another trend brides can’t seem to get enough of.

“If you’re not afraid of a little experimentation, you can certainly get away with a vibrant tangerine polish or the brightest, glossiest pink,” adds Berkovitz. “Alternately, in fall and winter, cold-weather hues like classic red or deep berry look perfectly lush and appropriate for brides — and they’re easy to pull off.”

Adding a touch of sparkle to your nails is yet another exciting look for brides can try. But before you go full-on glitter, Lauren Berkovitz recommends sticking with touches of metallics, as they help give nails that necessary pop.

“When it comes to color trends, metallic shades still rule,” Berkovitz says. “For brides, touches of silver, gold or rose gold look fresh and ethereal. A combination of gold and beige is popular for weddings and feels very of-the-moment.”

These 2016 Wedding Nail Trends Are Worth Trying

But whatever color or finish you decide to try, it's always important to match your color to your skin tone. Doing so, can prevent your overall look from looking harsh and awkward.

“Whatever shade you choose, make sure it flatters the undertone in your skin,” she says. “If your skin has more of a blue undertone, look for complementary, cooler hues. If you have a warmer skin tone, look for polishes with a creamy, yellow base.”

Nail Art Is Scaling Back

And while nail art looks killer on the runways, some nail experts find that bridal nail art designs tending to scale back a bit. Instead of going heavy on detailed patterns and designs, negative space and more subtle effects are taking charge.

“As far as weddings are concerned, the trend is to keep any type of nail art simple and scaled back,” Berkovitz says. “Create a subtle takeoff on a French manicure by incorporating negative space, dual ended tips, a brushed-off look, a half moon, thin stripes, tiny dots or an ombre look.”

These 2016 Wedding Nail Trends Are Worth Trying

Modern Nail Shapes

Even nail shapes are changing, as new styles are trending towards a more almond shape.

“We definitely see a trend towards a delicate and feminine look for this upcoming season,” says NCLA founder Elin Dannerstedt. “A soft and subtle almond shape will delicately elongate your finger, topped off with a pale pink or nude.”

These 2016 Wedding Nail Trends Are Worth Trying

But to keep your look more modern, feel free to try a round, oval, or squoval (both square and oval mixed together) shape. Even well-groomed medium or short nails tends usually does the trick, as Berkovitz notes their growing popularity.

DIY Looks That Won’t Disappoint

Nail looks are gravitating towards natural designs and finishes, so opting for a simple yet striking mani is always an option. Half-moons for example, can compliment your dress easily without looking too out of place.

“Embellish your simple wedding mani with easy white half-moons that will compliment any color in your wedding palette, especially pastels,” says Dannerstedt.

Similarly, soft blue color is another way to change up your usual manicure, as it pops against a white dress for a nice on-trend finish.

“Avoid the light pinks and white nail color bridal trends, and paint your nails a soft blue, such as Dermelect Cosmeceuticals’ ‘PRISTINE nail lacquer,” says Elle, a celebrity nail tech. “The color is soft yet pops against a white or ivory dress for a bold bridal look.

And even if you aren’t getting married, bridesmaids can easily up their nail game with a few tips and tricks. A watercolor print manicure for example, can give you that bold nail without taking away attention from the bride.

“Create a watercolor print manicure by allowing two layers of your chosen color to dry, and apply small drops of two to three colors to one nail,” says CND Education Ambassador Shelena Robinson. “Then, use a q-tip or small brush dipped in acetone to wet the colors out, and merge together to create a watercolor print. Repeat as desired on remaining nails before applying top coat.”