Here's a Genius Trick for Applying Self-Tanner to Your Back


Even though there's a serious nip in the air and Old Man Winter is definitely on his way, we're willing to bet that some of you still plan to pull out your sexy backless dresses to rock this holiday season. But here's the thing—if you rely on self-tanner to give your skin a glowy boost during the colder months, don't you dare forget your back! (You want to be one uniform color from head to toe like Nicole Scherzinger, right?)

With that said, if you find that you aren't flexible enough to reach every single inch back there (pun-intended), Cheryl Effiom (founder of Karamel & Brown London) shares an ingenius tip on how to make it work: Just use a back brush.

"If you’re tanning solo, it can be really hard to get an even coverage on hard to reach areas," says Effiom. "Buy a back brush, which has been designed especially for this purpose. No more patchy backs!"

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