3 Reasons Why We're in LOVE With Catherine Bell's Cute New Cropped Haircut

3 Reasons Why We're in LOVE With Catherine Bell's Cute New Cropped Haircut(Credit: Angela Weiss/Getty Images North America)

Fact: Catherine Bell is one of the most classic, timeless beauties of her generation, and it's virtually impossible for the Army Wives actress to look anything less than absolutely stunning wearing any hairstyle. With that said, this shaggy, sexy crop she sported to the premiere of Disney's Planes in Hollywood yesterday is hands down her best look ever. Why? These three reasons:

1) It draws attention to her gorgeous gaze. Catherine's full, face-framing fringe pulls your focus forward and puts her big brown eyes front and center. This particular haircut is the perfect complement to peepers that pretty.

2) It's a quite versatile cut. It can be worn so many different ways! For instance, if she gets tired of having those heavy bangs falling in her face, Catherine can totally twist-and-pin them back, or part her hair down the middle and tuck both sides behind her ears to keep her hair out of her face. 

3) It makes her look younger. Even though Catherine is only 45-years-young, shortening up her strands shaved a decade off her already incredibly youthful look. Hopefully she keeps this long-layered boy cut for years to come!