The One Pencil That Helped Me Love My Big Brows

The One Pencil That Helped Me Love My Big Brows
Note: This is not me...but I kind of look like this. ('ve had big and bold brows for as long as I can remember. And for most of my life, I've hated them. No one comes up to a 13 year old and says, "Wow, what great brows you have." And when you're 18, looking like Brooke Shields from 1986 does not seem like a good thing.

But after years of loathing my brows, and yes, even plucking them to near extinction (not one of my finer moments), I've learned to love my full brows. Maybe in my older age I've gained wisdom that big brows are hot. Or perhaps I'm just benefiting from Cara Delevingne's success. Either way I wouldn't change my brows for the world.

But there's one little tool that has helped me get to this stage. Laura Mercier's eyebrow pencil in Blonde ($22, is the one brow product I covet more than tweezers. About a year ago, I visited a salon and learned my bold brows were entirely the wrong shape and could, gasp, be bolder. I was sent on a mission to refrain from tweezing (except for the occasional stray hair) and to fill them in when necessary. Now, I'm not talking full on drawing in eyebrows. Just a touch or two where the hair hadn't quite filled in yet.
The One Pencil That Helped Me Love My Big Brows(Courteys that year, I learned to rely on Laura Mercier's pencil like it was my morning coffee. Truthfully, I like this handy little pencil for several reasons. One being the color options. The pencil comes in five different shades, so everyone can find a right match. For me, a dirty blonde, it happens to be blonde. Another reason I adore this tool is because of the way it feels. It's is incredibly comfortable to hold and provides excellent precision. Let's just say I can always "stay in the lines" when applying. Plus, it goes on easily to avoid over coloring.

Now that I've officially denounced any kind of waxing or tweezing (other than doing my own personal grooming) for a year, my brows are stronger and fuller than ever. So for all those suffering from over plucking or thin brows—heck even girls with naturally big brows—I strongly urge you to arm yourself with a killer brow pencil. Oh, and watch out Queen Delevingne. I'm coming for you.
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