Post-Hurricane Sandy New York Inspires Two New Fragrances

Post-Hurricane Sandy New York Inspires Two New Fragrances
(Getty Images) People walk through Times Square on March 23, 2012.

It's no secret that while taking a walk through the streets of New York City one is sure to be bombarded with a mash-up of different smells. But thanks to ScentWorld, LLC the Big Apple is getting two pleasant-smelling fragrances. 

The two scents, named "Resilience" and "The Scent of Departure NYC" are inspired by New York City and the tri-state area.

Carline Pieper-Vogt, President of ScentWorld explains that "'Resilience' symbolizes the strength, optimism and sense of community of New York and and surrounding areas, in the face and aftermath of Hurricane Sandy."

The creator of the fragrance, Steven Claisee, is the corporate Senior Vice President of Creative Development and Senior Perfumer at Belmay and appropriately a native New Yorker, himself.

"The 'Resilience' fragrance depicts the various elements that makes New York and the New York area unique -- bold flavors, vibrant lights, dynamic skyscrapers and lots of attitude!" Claisee says.

The other fragrance, "The Scent of Departure NYC" is the "essence of New York City in a bottle," according to its creator, world-renowned Gerald Ghislain of
Histoires de Parfums. The scent is said to be modern, crisp and invigorating with hints of apple -- how appropriate.

The two fragrances will make their debut at the ScentWorld 2013 annual conference on February 6-8 in New York City.

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