Kim Kardashian Got Another Crazy Beauty Treatment [VIDEO]

Kim Kardashian Got Another Crazy Beauty Treatment [VIDEO]
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Another day, another bizarre beauty treatment to try in Kardashian-land.

While on vacay in Santorini, Greece last week, the professional reality TV person popped by a spa with her sisters Kourtney and Kylie to try her hand (sorry, foot) at a fish pedicure. You know what we're talking about, right? That procedure where pedi tubs are filled with tiny, toothless flesh-eating carp — the one that's been banned in a slew of salons because the fish are thought to spread bacterial infection?

Psh, like that would stop a Kardashian.

What would stop a Kardashian — at least a Kim Kardashian — however, is a major freakout over the fact that a tub-full of fish are eating her dead skin. Observe.

So wait, she's got nooo problem slathering blood — from her own arm! — all over her face, but flips her ish when a few fishies take a nibble from her toes?