Guess Which Beauty Product Carrie Underwood and Hubby Mike Fisher Share?

(Getty) Carrie Underwood and hubby Mike Fisher earlier this summer

Gorgeous couple Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher have a shared beauty secret!

According to a report in People Stylewatch, the country singer and ice hockey player both love the same face lotion—so much so that sometimes Fisher will nab Underwood's bottle!

"Honestly, he will steal my Olay Complete—and I am being one-thousand percent honest," Underwood told the magazine. "He will go golfing and he's not going to wear anything that smells like a giri and he doesn't like putting straight up sunscreen on, so he will steal my bottles!"

"I'll have to call them [Olay] and order some more," she says. "I swear I could open up his golf bag and find three or four bottles."

A-ha! So the truth comes out! Fisher is not only a fan of Olay's SPF-infused face lotion, he's also a lotion-hoarder!

Are you a fan of Olay Complete? Tell us what beauty product your man steals from you in the comments section, below!
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