Dove's Real Beauty Study: 'You're More Beautiful Than You Think' [VIDEO]

(Photo by Getty)

You're more beautiful than you think — no really, you are.

For the latest installment of its ongoing Real Beauty campaign, Dove tapped an FBI-trained sketch artist to draw women's portraits based on their own descriptions of themselves. He asked them to outline everything in detail: their hair length, face shape, forehead, and other prominent features. And he did this all with his back turned — never once seeing a subject.

Other study participants, though, did see one another. So after they described themselves, they were asked the same questions about a stranger in the group.

The result? Two totally different sketches. And guess who's description was "prettier?"

What's perhaps more astonishing than these side-by-sides is the women's reactions to them. Watch, and try not to tear up (seriously) below.