Nicole Kidman's Hair Makeover, Your BF is Costing You a Fortune in Beauty Products, and More!

(Photo via YouTube)

Nicole Kidman stars as a Hitchcock heroine in Jimmy Choo's serious seductive fall 2013 campaign—wearing a devilishly saucy red wig, to boot. Watch the ad in full, below, if you dare. [Huff Po]

Now you can really get the full head-to-toe J.Crew experience: the retailer recently added Lavett & Chin hair products to its shelves. As for figuring out how to get that Jenna Lyons perfect mix of messy yet put-together waves, yeah, you're on your own there. []

That small pat of skin cream your boyfriend "borrows" once or twice a week, it's adding up. According to a new survey, metro dudes—who want smooth skin "like Beckham"—are costing their ladyfriends up to $350 a year in beauty products. Hear that? Better back off, BFs. [Daily Mail]

(Photo by Thinkstock) She's all, like, get your man hands away from my hair stuff

Ever stroll in to work feeling all la-de-da, I-actually-spent-time-on-my-hair-and-makeup-this morning, look at me—only to take one step under the harsh, washed-out lighting of your office, where a co-worker, right on cue, says you "look tired." The worst. But thanks to the Internet, there's a makeup tutorial to help you fight back against unflattering lighting. [xoVain]

If you, like us, can never read enough about what type of products Jennifer Aniston uses on her face, her skin, and her shiny, shiny hair, here's a list of her latest essentials. Oh, and her fragrance of choice? It's, duh... Jennifer Aniston. [The Cut]