Super Bowl Beauty Inspiration: An Easy Alternative to Face Paint

(Photo courtesy of Violent Lips)

Sure, face paint is certainly one way to display undying love for your (fingers crossed!) Super Bowl champs, but let's, uh, face it — paint is itchy, it's horrible for your skin, and when it's done wrong, well, it looks a little something like this:

(Photo by Getty) Yes, we're judging you...

Thankfully, Violent Lips caught on to this dilemma and debuted one of the prettiest (and coolest!) alternatives to face paint we've ever seen, Super Bowl-themed temporary lip tattoos!

Not only are the press-on appliqués infused with vitamins, so your lips keep hydrated, they're also designed to hold up for eight hours — meaning chips and dip (and maybe a few brews depending on the score) for all!

Also, we know not all of you are Team Niners or Team Ravens, so just in case your alliance lies with, shall we say, fluffier football players you can always go for this glittery purple style — it's the perfect match to the Puppy Bowl cheerleader uniforms! See:

(Courtesy of Etsy/Tranquills)

The Violent Lips Game Day Collection is available on for $7.99. Ready? One, two, three... Break!