Our Hair Looks Its Best at THIS Age, Study Says

Our Hair Looks Its Best at THIS Age, Study Says
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Approaching your 30s? Well, fire up your camera—you're about to have the best hair years (not to mention Facebook profile pics) of your life!

The hair care gurus over at Kérastase recently conducted a poll of 2,000 British women, and found that our hair looks its best when we're 29-years-old. How come? That's when women are most likely to have disposable income for investments like better hair care products and fancy salon visits—plus, we're not as, uh, experimental with our locks as we were in our teens and early 20s. (Cue scarring memories college bathroom dye jobs, here.)

"As women move in to their thirties and beyond they tend to invest more in their hair and look after it using the right treatments," Kérastase Ambassador Luke Hersheson said. "Most of them reach the age where they want their hair to look healthy, full of body and thicker, rather than opting for the trendiest hair which has come straight off the catwalk."

Check out a few more interesting tidbits and findings from the study, below. Tell us, where do your answers fall on the spectrum?

  • 70 percent of women said they wanted more voluminous locks, while 41 percent said if they could change one thing about their hair, they'd make it thicker and fuller-looking.

  • On average, the typical British woman has had seven different hairstyles and four different colors to date.

  • 1 in 10 women said they regretted three of the hairstyles they've sported in their lives—the "80s perm," the bob, and heavy bangs were deemed the worst looks of the bunch.

  • Nearly half of the survey participants said their hair is the most important part of their appearance—and 13 percent valued their locks at between $7,000-$15,000, five percent believed it’s worth $150,000 and 8 percent valued it at over $1.5 million.